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Cannibal Wine Tasting

Hello everyone Cannibal wine tasting is a YouTube channel and podcast made by Jesse Burciaga and Tyler huff. Both of us have this dream of being entertainers whether it be YouTube or stand up comedy or podcast. The topics we discuss in most of our podcasts are politics, games and movies, drunken adventures, and being parents to young kids.

The Diabolical Index

Beware your human heart! Monday nights at 9 pm, marvel at every arcane entry of The Diabolical Index! Join Korey Dawson as he travels across the dark literary spectrum, decoding unseen themes, wading the fog of metaphor, and stripping characters to the bone! Venture where the pages of the uncanny reside, and persevere...or perish.

Juice in the Morning

Juice in the Morning is a Podcast that started as a passion project in 2015 for Justin “Juice” Kelly. With the addition of his co-host Shane Jones the show has grown to epic proportions. The guys typically interview guests from all walks of life such as Arena Football Wide Receiver Collin Taylor, comedian/actor Beau Bowker, and musical artists The Wet Bandits. The show is released at midnight on Sunday evenings so that the Juice is fresh for your morning commute. As always, we hope the Juice is worth the squeeze

Pointless Discussions

Hosted by Paul Shroyer and Mark Reynolds every Tuesday. Join them as they have free form interviews with special guests about various interesting topics. Then stick around as they invite the guest to do an ongoing improv narrative with them. Life's too stressful not to have some Pointless Discusssions.


Animankai is a podcast for those who's interests lie more within the spectrum of eastern entertainment. Hosted by Mark Abplanalp and Andrew Sefton, join us as we discuss anime, manga, kaiju films, and everything else from the land of the rising sun!


Van Damme it's Jean Claude

Paul Shroyer reviews everything that is Jean Claude Van Damme. From his movies to his splits, it's a Van Damme good time.


The Oh Yeah, Dig it Podcast Show

Pop-Culture variety show bringing out the best from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s! Join host: Justin Gregory, It's Gonna Be A Happening!

2 Sidez & a Bizkit

Join Rick Wimmer and Paul Shroyer as they talk about Life, Limp Bizkit songs, and Rick gives you a recipe at the end.