Juice in the Morning is a Podcast that started as a passion project in 2015 for Justin “Juice” Kelly. With the addition of his co-host Shane Jones the show has grown to epic proportions. The guys typically interview guests from all walks of life such as Arena Football Wide Receiver Collin Taylor, comedian/actor Beau Bowker, and musical artists The Wet Bandits. The show is released at midnight on Sunday evenings so that the Juice is fresh for your morning commute. As always, we hope the Juice is worth the squeeze





JAM 109 - We the Libertarians the Monday American War History and Libertarianism 


JAM 108 - Facebook, Syria, Zuckeberg, Aliens & WWII


JAM 107 - !!NSWF!! Manranda's World and Kevo


JAM 106 - Hoppy Easter (Easter Jam)


JAM 105 - Post St. Patty's day special


JAM 103 - Jess Hooker and Juice's mom (robin) sit down and talk parenting


JAM 102 - Conspiracy talk with Info Warriors


JAM 101 with Shane Jones


JAM 99.5 with Eric Booher and Shane Jones


JAM 99 - Juice and Shane (Host Exclusive)


Juice in the Morning with PTO Unlimited Juice in the Morning


The Juice in the Morning guys are sitting down with an Indianapolis tattoo artist named Shadow. Juice in the Morning